Innovations for correct lying and healthier sleep

How high quality standards help people achieve healthier sleep …

Even as a committed nurse in orthopaedics and quality assurance, Mrs. Horsch was not fully aware of how important proper sleep is – and how much the right sleep system can contribute to preventing back pain. After she also personally had to struggle with back pain, a new sleep system had to be developed – but a 100% suitable one was not to be found right away. Due to the constant exchange with her husband, Mrs. Horsch became interested in ergonomically ideal mattresses and she entered the bed specialist business – but not without her experience in the health sector and her high quality standards. The most important credo of your new determination was: Do not work on the symptoms, but find the causes and counteract them.

Concrete ideas consistently implemented

From now on, quality was not the only priority for beds, mattresses, slat bases and accessories. The demand to be able to offer everyone exactly the right ergonomic sleeping system became the main focus of the Horsch family’s bed houses from this point on. This led to the development of three guiding principles for the company:

  • The consultation must be solution-oriented – not product-oriented. This means that it is not the product range that determines which product the customer receives, but only the needs of the customer.
  • Consultations only take place by appointment. The consultant concentrates fully and completely on the customer and his problems.
    There must be a neutral, manufacturer-independent proof for the fact that a customer receives exactly the mattress, which is optimal for it and its health.

This third guiding principle stood with all considerations in the foreground – and brought also most problems with itself in the conversion. How can it be proven that the mattress is optimal for the customer?

The solution: the SPINESCANNER®

Mr. Horsch came across the MediMouse in his quest to implement the new guidelines. The MediMouse has already been successfully used by doctors and clinics to measure back length, spinal malpositions and pelvic position – radiation-free and risk-free. The handy device is simply guided over the spine by hand, the measurement is transferred to the PC and a three-dimensional image is created. If this concept is modified accordingly and used to make the optimal support and relief visible when lying on a mattress, that would be the solution, Mr. Horsch thought.

Thought – done! Over a development period of two years, the device was equipped with software specially programmed for the specialist bed trade and technically adapted to the requirements of bed houses – the SPINESCANNER® was born!

SPINESCANNER® and measuring method to the point:

  • The SPINESCANNER® is a handy, radiation-free measuring device that displays three-dimensional images of the spine with medical precision.
  • The SPINESCANNER® adapts to the personal contours and determines the shape and mobility of the spine, as well as data on back length and pelvic position.
  • During the measurements, images are generated which clearly show the individual shape of the spine when standing and lying down. By comparing the standing and lying measurements, it is immediately apparent which mattress offers the appropriate support and relief.
  • Every progress in the adjustment of the slatted frame, mattress and pillow can be followed live on the screen.
  • The SPINESCANNER® is manufacturer-independent – this means that the measurement is not aimed at selling mattresses from a specific manufacturer, but rather the mattress that fits exactly, regardless of which manufacturer it comes from.
  • The measurements, including evaluation, take place in real time and take only a few minutes.
  • With the mobile SPINESCANNER® also a measurement at home is possible.

With the development of the SPINESCANNER® Mr. Horsch achieved the breakthrough for an optimal mattress selection. Due to the optimal consultation possibility, this device is no longer alone in the bed houses of the Horsch family – many other bed houses are also convinced of it and use the SPINESCANNER® with great success. Simply ask for this innovative technology for healthier sleep during your next visit to your bed house!

Even though the pioneer and pioneer of the SPINESCANNER® died in January 2019, this does not mean the end of this successful measuring method. On the contrary: His widow Dijana Gerber-Horsch – founder and managing director of Ortho Concept from the very beginning – is continuing the business as usual and has set herself the goal of successfully carrying on the common visions. And this potential is there: “On our website, there are a lot of inquiries about where the nearest specialist bed dealer who works with the SPINESCANNER® is,” says Mrs. Gerber-Horsch.

Good bye tense back.

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