PRESS-INFO 09-2018: Lying right, sleeping better

Finding restful sleep is a big problem for many people, even morning back pain is common. A sleeping system consisting of a mattress, slat base and pillow, which is exactly tailored to the anatomy of the person, can solve these problems. As a basis for the selection, bed houses increasingly offer a manufacturer-independent so-called vortex scan. The radiation-free measurement on the back allows an anatomically optimal sleep system to be selected within minutes. The spine is scanned from the outside and displayed on the screen as a 3D model.

(djd). A restful sleep is not a matter of course. In addition to stressful psychological problems that rob you of sleep, back pain is often responsible for the fact that you get up on wheels even after many hours of sleep. Back pain when lying down or when getting up usually has a certain reason: an unsuitable sleep system. The combination of anatomically correct mattress, slat base and pillow promises relief and better sleep. But how do normal sleepers find the ideal solution?

Mattress: It’s not the chemistry but the anatomy that has to be right

A mattress that is pleasant, cuddly or simply beautiful is not enough. Because personal taste should only play a subordinate role – it is important that one’s own anatomy matches the advantages of the mattress. The correct support and relief of the spine is crucial for painless recovery – for this reason, special attention must also be paid to the spine when choosing a mattress. A so-called SPINESCANNER® can literally bring the spine to light. Similar systems have been used in medicine for over 20 years. The device was created through modification, further development and corresponding adaptation of the devices for sleep counselling. It is manufacturer and brand independent and serves exclusively to measure the spine and to find suitable mattresses on the basis of this data. The scanner is guided by the consultant in the bed specialist shop over each individual vertebra on the spinal column, adapts itself to the contours and determines thus the form and mobility of the spinal column. Measurement and evaluation only take a few minutes. Country widely already about 80 bed dealers offer this measuring method, in order to determine over the mattress an optimum at healthy sleep comfort. There is further information under

Standing and determining how to lie best

Experts agree that the shape of the spine when lying down should be as similar as possible to that when standing. Therefore, the measurement consists of two parts: The measurement while standing forms the basis for the consultant’s recommendations. With the lying measurement, the consultant and the customer can now see exactly on the display on which mattress the image of the spine is most similar when standing and lying. This is the optimal solution. Once the correct mattress has been found as part of the entire sleep system, there is hardly any need for further explanation when testing the mattress.

Medical practitioner confirms benefit of spinal column measurement

(djd). “The spinal column when lying down must correspond to the natural shape of the spinal column when standing, turned 90 degrees,” confirms Prof. Dr. Bernd Kladny, head of orthopaedics and trauma surgery at Klinikum Herzogenaurach and secretary general of the German Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU). One’s own feeling during the test lying is a very important building block in the search for the right mattress, but it can be deceiving. Only the scan of the spinal column with the SPINESCANNER® originating from the medicine proves really, which sleep solution fits optimally humans. There is more information under