Sleep well at last.

The right support and relief of the spine is crucial for painless recovery – this is precisely why the spine must also be given special attention when choosing mattresses and sleeping systems.






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With the help of the SPINESCANNER® analysis
you will find the ideal sleep system –
Sprung base, mattress and pillow.

Never before
Buying mattresses so easy.

Mattresses and slatted frames are like sand by the sea. How can I keep track of which one is best for me? Find out how easy it is to find the perfect sleep system for your health with the help of the SPINESCANNER®.

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A good day begins
with a good night.

And this usually depends on how well you have slept. The body’s metabolism must regenerate during sleep. Therefore, good sleep is essential for the well-being of the following day.

With the
anatomically perfect

The SPINESCANNER® is guided by the consultant over each individual vertebra on the spine, adapts to the contours and thus determines the shape and mobility of the spine. Measurement and evaluation only take a few minutes.

How does it all work?

All details about the SPINESCANNER®

Good bye
tense back.

Say never again your back pain because of a wrong mattress. Enjoy a healthy and deep sleep.

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